Extensive Due Diligence

We scrutinise opportunities using a lens and filter process to ensure maximum capital protection.

Proven track records

We work with industry leading providers with years of historical performance.

Dedicated service

with every one of our clients having different goals to achieve, we pride ourselves on offering a tailored service.

Armchair investment

Our team ensures we do all of the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

Who We Are

Oakridge Wealth

Welcome to Oakridge Wealth a division of Oakridge Property Group, where we specialise in identifying lucrative opportunities across the UK market and beyond for HNW and Sophisticated Investors through trusted developer partners.

Structured Investments with Fixed Interest Rates

Our meticulous approach to market analysis and due diligence ensures that we identify opportunities where investors can realise fixed interest rates of up to 18% per annum. We prioritise securing invested capital through first legal charge agreements with proven developer partners under the supervision of an FCA registered Trustee offering peace of mind and a solid foundation for your investments.

Buy-to-Let Opportunities with Guaranteed Income

In addition to structured investments, we offer a range of carefully curated buy-to-let opportunities. These ventures are backed by established residential developer partnerships, allowing investors to benefit from guaranteed income schemes along with capital growth. We believe in fostering sustainable investments that generate consistent returns and align with your financial goals.

Exclusive Oakridge Wealth for Direct Project Involvement

For those seeking a more hands-on investment approach, our exclusive Oakridge Wealth program allows direct investment into projects we curate from inception to completion. These offering grants investor access to a high-growth start-up development company, promising competitive returns and a unique opportunity to be part of a project's journey. As our community of investors grows, we prioritise your involvement with early access and priority options for future projects and potential joint ventures. Together, we forge a mutually beneficial relationship, ensuring long-term benefits and growth for all our valued investors. Join us on this exciting venture towards a prosperous future in property investment. Get in touch here today to book a brief consultation with a member of our experienced team.


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