Optimised development promotion

We employ a proven system in securing approval for schemes across the UK.

Proactive approach

we create potential through collaboration with landowners to bring sites to market exclusively.


We utilise industry leading legal framework to secure sites for promotion offering.

Extensive network

we maintain strong relationships with agencies, developers and large landowners to ensure we are able to maximise each project we come across.

What we do

Oakridge Land Services

Welcome to Oakridge Land Services, where we specialise in securing off-market land sites through meticulous research and proactive engagement with landowners.

Uncovering Hidden Opportunities

Our seasoned land team utilises a strategic approach involving extensive research and industry knowledge to identify off-market land sites that hold immense potential. We scour the market for hidden gems that have yet to be discovered, ensuring you have access to exclusive opportunities that align with your development goals.

Engaging with Landowners

Building strong relationships with landowners is crucial to our success. Through open communication and mutual understanding, we negotiate deals that benefit both parties. Our team engages in transparent and collaborative discussions, ensuring a smooth acquisition process that leaves all parties satisfied.

Streamlining Acquisition Processes

Our expertise extends to facilitating both commercial and residential developers in the acquisition of land sites. We navigate the intricate acquisition process with efficiency, offering comprehensive consultancy services. In some cases, we have already secured planning permission pre-completion, providing added value to developers by expediting the development process and reducing uncertainties. With our unwavering commitment to finding off-market land sites and providing invaluable consultancy, we are your trusted partner in securing prime land for your commercial and residential development projects. Partner with us to embark on a journey toward successful and seamless land acquisition. Get in touch here today if you are interested in buying or selling land for a call back from a member of our team.


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