Here at Oakridge Wealth, where we understand the enduring appeal of property investments in the UK market. Property remains a cornerstone for many investors seeking robust returns, and our focus on structured investments provides a compelling avenue into this dynamic sector without necessitating intricate knowledge of construction or land development.

In today’s landscape, traditional avenues like buy-to-let investments have seen a decline in attractiveness for some investors, partly due to the dilution of tax advantages. As a response to this shift, structured investments have gained prominence among investors seeking alternative ways to tap into the property market.

Structured investments, often referred to as ‘loan notes,’ are issued by property developers to secure funding for planned developments. Rather than relying on conventional bank borrowing, developers leverage these instruments to raise capital for acquiring land and financing construction projects. The appeal lies in the ability to set fixed terms, aligning with the construction timeline and providing investors with a clear pathway to returns.

Investor funds are channelled into development properties, registered and held within special purpose vehicles established as limited companies. The structured investments hold a first legal charge over these properties, ensuring that investors have a secured interest in the venture. The specifics of this security arrangement are meticulously outlined in the Information Memorandum and Security Trust Deed.

To safeguard investor interests, a Security Trustee is appointed to manage and uphold the various security measures. This ensures that investors have a reliable and robust framework protecting their financial commitment.

One of the key advantages of structured investments is the flexibility they afford issuers in setting interest rates and terms. Investors can find comprehensive details about these terms in the issuer’s investment memorandum, allowing for transparency and informed decision-making.

At Oakridge Wealth, we pride ourselves on providing a transparent and secure platform for investors to engage with the property market through structured investments. Join us in navigating the evolving landscape of property investments with confidence and strategic insight.

Who are our developers?

Our partner developers are some of the biggest names in the country with a combined £1bn in book value assets. Their proven track records enable our client to achieve their financial goals.

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    Questions? You’re Covered

    Here are some common questions about our Structured Investments services.

    We are paid fees by providers for securing the investment from our clients with no fees coming directly from the investor.

    While security can vary we only work with providers that offer protection in the form of a security trustee the security trustee details are provided in the relevant materials supplied for each provider this security trustee generally is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

    In order to make an investment you be guided by one of our Oakridge wealth team from identifying the suitable opportunity to completing an application and funding the investment each step we are there to hold your hand through the process.


    • Armchair investment
    • No mortgage fees
    • No hidden costs
    • Fixed rate of return with zero fluctuation
    • Multiple exit strategies for providers to ensure you receive returns
    • No Stamp Duty
    • Fixed term of investment with 100% historical success rate of returning capital
    • You must be over 18 years old
    • Be self certified as a high net worth or sophisticated investor
    • Pass full AML checks
    • Resident in any country in EMEA and APAC regions