At Oakridge Property Group, we pride ourselves on our expert team’s ability to identify and unlock lucrative development opportunities across the United Kingdom. Our strategic approach, coupled with extensive market knowledge, allows us to navigate the complex landscape of land acquisition, ensuring a seamless experience for both landowners and developers alike.

Identifying Land Development Opportunities

In-Depth Market Analysis

Our journey begins with comprehensive market analysis, where our seasoned experts meticulously study the current property landscape. Through a deep understanding of market trends, zoning regulations, and demographic shifts, we identify areas with untapped potential for development.

Proactive Site Scouting

Equipped with cutting-edge technology and a proactive mindset, our team actively scouts potential development sites. Whether it’s identifying brownfield opportunities, underutilised spaces, or parcels with redevelopment potential, we leave no stone unturned in our quest for prime development property.

Collaborating with Landowners

Bringing Sites to Market

For landowners looking to bring their sites to market, Oakridge Property Group offers a collaborative and transparent approach. Our experienced team works closely with landowners, understanding their objectives and crafting tailored strategies to maximise the market appeal of their properties.

Streamlined Transaction Process

We understand the importance of a seamless transaction for landowners. From negotiations to legalities, our team ensures that every step of the process is executed with precision, allowing landowners to unlock the true value of their assets.

Partnering with Developers

Unlocking Development Potential

Developers seeking to unlock the potential of a site can rely on Oakridge Property Group’s expertise. Our team collaborates closely with developers, providing insights into market dynamics, feasibility studies, and innovative design concepts to optimise the development potential of each site.

Facilitating Win-Win Deals

Our commitment to creating mutually beneficial transactions is at the core of our philosophy. By fostering open communication and understanding the unique goals of developers, we ensure that every deal is a win-win, paving the way for successful and profitable developments.

Get in touch today if are looking to get involved in potential development opportunities or perhaps if you are a landowner looking to sell your property our team are here ready to help.

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    Questions? You’re Covered

    Here are some common questions about our Land Acquisition services.

    We acquire sites in the South East of England suitable for developing schemes of all compositions. We work with purchase land with the aim of developing residential schemes along with commercial schemes as well as finally mixed-use development schemes. Our target value is between £750,000 to £3,000,0000.

    We explore all options to ensure the value is maximised on each individual project we are happy to acquire sites outright we are also happy to joint venture with landowners to promote a scheme for sale to other partner developers.

    We purchase sites for our own development schemes however we will at times purchase sites with the aim of reselling these sites upon planning to other developers primarily for larger developments suited to a nationwide housebuilder we can if we engaged source land to a specification with our experienced land team.